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3 stars Hotel Lake Garda

Hotel Sole - Via Guglielmo Marconi, 36 - 25010 Limone sul Garda - Lake Garda - Italy

Tel.+39 0365 954055
Lake Garda Hotel Sole - Limone
Lake Garda Hotel Sole - Limone
Double Superior/lake view/terrace
Double/lake view/balcony
Double/lake view/balcony
Lake view from the room
All rooms have shower
Buffet breakfast on the open-terrace
The roof panoramic terrace
Open air café of Hotel
Limone beach, 100 mt from Hotel
Fireworks in the front of Hotel



Inspiration in the wild
"Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn."
John Muir, conservationist and naturalist (1838 - 1914)

Trekking Lake Garda Trekking Lake Garda

Trekking Lake Garda

Trekking paradise Lake Garda

With its great alpine panorama, a mild climate and a mediterranean, in an alpine environment, vegetation Lake Garda has much to offer for the trekkers. This is the wonder of this small sea which like a fiord between two mountain chains lies. From the east shore of Lake Garda rise the rock walls of Monte Baldo chain up to the 6500 feets of the top where you can discover more than 60 different types of orchids. On the west shore is the natural park "Alto Garda Bresciano" which is home to miles upon miles of gorgeous and wild natur and offer endless trails for hiking and exploring all of it. Whether you’re peaking at right about 5,200 feet or taking a relaxing stroll along the shores, every trail offers spectacular views of lake, of the amphitheater mountain tops around Lake Garda: from the Adamello group to the Monte Baldo and Pasubio groups. If the shore area of the park is dedicated to the tourism activities, in the higher zones you will find a real nature paradise with untraffic stone roads and trails. You can choice among numerous and different trails with different difficulty or you can book a guided excursion by local alpine guides.
On the top trekker always can find tipical alpine hut:
Alpine hut BAITA BONAVENTURA (mt. 1340 ) by the peak Carone:
(Tour 1)
Hauptaufstieg: von der Ortschaft Limone, Pfad n° 102 - 2.30/3 Stunden.
Die Berghütte This hut always is open but without service.
each sunday from 6 Juny up to 12 Settember: guided tours to the hut
The excursions are organized by the local alpine guides from Limone and are free of charge.
Alpine hut PASSO NOTA - by Tremosine

Alpine hut RIFUGIO GARDA - Monte Tremalzo

Alpine hut RIFUGIO PIEMP - Cima Piemp by Tignale
Main access point: from the locality of Gardola by Tignale
Alpine hut PROSPERO MARCHETTI(m. 2000) on the peak of Monte Stivo
(Tour 7)
Main access point: from the locality S.Barbara, trail n°608 - 2.30/3 hours.
Open each day from May up to Settember. Tel. 0464 520664
Alpine hut DAMIANO CHIESA (m. 2060) on the Monte Altissimo:
(Tours Monte Baldo)
Main access point: from Prati di Nago, trail n° 632 - 2/2.30 hours Second access point: from Malcesine, trail n° 632 - 2/2.30 hours (or with cable way)
Open each day from May up to Settember. Tel. 0464 867130
Direct in the front of Hotel is the boat departure to Malcesine. (Tours Monte Baldo). In Malcesine is the new cable way which carries in about 15 minutes to Monte Baldo's grazing.
EASY TREKKING There are many opportunities for relaxing walks or invigorating hikes that will let you become more familiar with one of the most interesting areas of the Upper Garda region. In any season you can take a leisurely stroll along the beach from Piazza A. de Gasperi heading south to Nanzèl, walk along the lanes zigzagging through the olive groves, or enjoy the sweeping views of the lake from the "Sentiero del Sole" path that heads out from the square and leads to the World War shelter in Reamol. Along this last itinerary, the Italian Alpine Club organizes hikes with a guide every Thursday in July and August.
EXPERT TREKKING For more expert hikers, the surrounding area of Limone offers many possibilities. The routes are well marked and, above all, accessible all year round. A map of the trails, which is available at the tourist bureaus, provides information about the routes, difficulties, and the estimated time. Every Sunday from June until September, the Alpine Club organizes a hike from Limone to the "Bonaventura Segala" chalet (1215 m). The hike starts out at 7:30 a.m. from the bus stop on the state road and ends around 5:00 p.m. The guided tour is free of charge. For information and reservations, please contact the local tourist bureaus.

Trekking maps reference:
Kompass-trekking maps 1 : 50000 cover all the Lake Garda area: n. 101, 102, 70, 71.

The best Lake Garda's trekking routes are:

Trekking Tour 1


Limone(Hotel Sole)-Campaldo-Valle Pura-Fornaci-Piazzale Angelini-trail n. 106-Passo Nota-trail n. 421-Passo Bestana-Baita Bonaventura-Passo Guil-trail n. 101-Valle del Singol-Limone

Trekking Tour 2


Limone(Hotel Sole)-Milanesa-trail n. 101 -Valle del Singol-trail n. 102-Valle Scaglione-Dalco-trail n. 112-Limone

Trekking Tour 3


Limone(Hotel Sole)-Porto Vecchio-Via Nova-Via Reamol-S.S. 45 bis-Capo Reamol-trail n. 122-Punta Larici- trail n. 422bis-trail n. 422-Baita Bonaventura-trail n. 103-trail n. 101-Valle del Singol-Milanesa-Limone

Trekking Tour 4


Limone-Riva del Garda (mit Lineeschiff)
Riva(Hafen)-Ponalestraße-Kreuzung nach Molina-Molina-Pregasina-trail n. 422bis-Punta Larici-trail n. 122-Capo reamol-S.S. 45bis-Via reamol-Via Nova-Porto vecchio-Limone

Trekking Tour 5


Vesio(Piazzale Angelini)-Val di Bondo-Passo Bestana-Passo Nota(hier ist eine Berghütte)-Passo Bestana-Tunnel bei Tremalzo-Rifugio Garda(Berghütte)-Passo Tremalzo-trail n. 224-Malga Spiazzo-Cima di Camerone-Eremo S. Michele-Spiazzi-Polzone- Vesio(Piazzale Angelini)

Trekking Tour 6


Limone-Campione del Garda(mit dem Auto)
trail n. 267-trail n. 266-Prabione,Besichtigungszentrum des "Parco Altogarda Bresciano"-Hauptstraß-Kreuzung nach Monte Castello-Kloster Montecastello-trail n. 266-Campione del Garda

Trekking Tour 7


Limone-Polzone(mit dem Auto)
Polzone bei Vesio-Kreuzung nach Tremalzo-Spiazzi-Eremo S. Michele-Valle S. Michele-trail n. 222-Malga Prá Pia-Malga Ciapa-Passo della Cocca-Wasserfall von tremalzo-Malga Spiazzo-Eremo S. Michele-Spiazzi-Polzone bei Vesio

Trekking Tour 8


Limone-Pregasina(mit dem Auto)
Pregasina-trail n. 429-"Scala Santa"-trail n. 430-Cima Bal-Cima della Nara-Malga Palaer-Monte Guil-trail n. 422bis-Punta Larici-Pregasina

Trekking Tour 9


Mit dem Auto bis Passo S. Barbara - Gipfel der Monte Stivo

Trekking Tours Monte Baldo

Monte Baldo owes its fame not only to the wealth of its nature and the singularity and the variety of its flora, it is also of interest from an anthropic point of view, as there are many remnants bearing witness to its past history. Ample proof of the richness of flora can be found by exploring the mountainside of the Monte Baldo chain: you pass through stretches of olive trees, laurels and holm-oak trees (ilex), large-leaved trees, pine trees as well as flowers and plants of the Alpine pastures. Forming a long ridge it separates the Adige Valley (Val Lagarina) from lake Garda. These are the main factors which make Monte Baldo, with its typical Pre-Alpine limestone formation, so popular. This chain consists of a pratically solid block 35 Km long, it splits up into a succession of peaks at an average height of 2.000 to 2.200 metres, giving it a crested appearance. In the course of time various climatic changes occurred in the Padano-Alpine region, thus allowing different species of plants to establish themselves there; this explains the abundance of the different species of plants that coexist there and yet originate in such diverse climatic zones and altitudes. It is easy to understand why such a wealth and variety amazed botanists in the last century, even some unknown species were discovered there; this explains why many flowers (approx.20) have "Baldense" as part of their name (ie: Anemone Baldensis T., Galium Baldense Spr etc.).

Limone(Hotel Sole)-Malcesine(with line boat), then the new cableway carries from Malcesine to Monte Baldo in a few minutes.

Trekking Tour 10
Monte Baldo


Monte Baldo, Seilbahnstation Mt. 1720-Bocca Tratto Spino-trail n. 2-Seilbahnstation Mt. 500-Malcesine Hafen

Trekking Tour 11
Monte Baldo


Monte Baldo, Seilbahnstation Mt. 1720- trail n. 651-Colma di Malcesine-trail n. 651-Bocca di Navene-Rifugio "Graziani"(Berghütte)-trail n. 650-trail n. 622-Monte Altissimo, Rifugio "Damiano Chiesa"(Berghütte)-trail n. 633- Rifugio "Graziani"(Berghütte)-Bocca di Navene-Kreuzung nach der Seilbahnstation-Malga Zocchi-Seilbahnstation Mt. 1720-Seilbahnstation Mt. 500- Seilbahnstation Mt. 100-Malcesine Hafen

Trekking Tour 12
Monte Baldo


Monte Baldo, Seilbahn Oberstation Mt. 1720-Colma di Malcesine-trail n. 651(Sentiero del Ventrar)-trail n. 3-Rifugio "Kira"(Berghütte)- trail n. 2-Seilbahn Mittestation Mt. 500- Seilbahnstation Mt. 100-Malcesine Hafen

Trekking Tour 13
Monte Baldo


Monte Baldo, Seilbahn Oberstation Mt. 1720-Bocca Tratto Spino-trail n. 651-Cima delle Pozzette-Cima del Longino-Cima di Valdritta-trail n. 5-La Guardiola-La Guardia-Passo Castione-trail n. 5-bergab trail n. 2-Seilbahn Mittestation Mt. 500- Seilbahnstation Mt. 100-Malcesine Hafen

Lake Garda Hotel Lake Garda - Italy

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Trekking in Lake Garda

Lake Garda Trekking

With its great alpine panorama, a mild climate and a mediterranean, in an alpine environment, vegetation Lake Garda has much to offer for the trekkers..

Hotel transfer

Lake Garda Transfer

Your holiday without car. With the transfer service from and to the Lake Garda airports:
Bergamo-Orio al Serio (BGY)

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